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What Is The DPP?

The DPP is the media industry’s business network. Uniquely, our Membership is drawn from the whole media supply chain.

The DPP brings together customers and suppliers to solve problems and create opportunities.

You can learn more about the DPP here.

Why Join The DPP?

Membership of the DPP gives you access to a huge, diverse and influential network that means you can do business more effectively. Once your company is a DPP member, all your staff get access to everything we do for free.

You can learn more about the benefits of DPP membership in our Membership Information Pack.

How To Join

Contact Rowan de Pomerai, Head of Delivery and Growth

Once your company has joined the DPP, all members of staff, located anywhere in the world, get access to the full range of member benefits free of charge. Our membership fee structure is simple, and all members get the same benefits. We price membership based on your organisation’s size, as measured by gross revenue.

Turnover over £10 m pa £10,000
Turnover from £2 m to £10 m pa £4,000
Turnover from £1 m to £2 m pa £1,000
Turnover from £500 k to £1 m pa £500
Individuals and companies with turnover under £500 k pa            £250
 *Plus VAT at 20%

If you can’t see quite the right fit for you in the list above, or you have any questions at all about Membership, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always keen to hear about the specific needs of your business, and how we can help you.