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Communication is the key to strong security

Security experts often claim people are the weakest link in the chain. But a new DPP report turns that view on its head. A group of senior leaders brought together by the DPP claim it is only by listening to the ‘customer’ that security experts can really understand how to minimise risk. Their views are summarised in a new DPP report, Communicating Security, released to DPP Members today. The report was enabled by DPP Member company Axelos Resilia.

The DPP held a round table event for 20 senior leaders from the broadcast, supplier and production communities – including security experts – on the eve of its Securing Creativity summit held in London on 28 November 2018. The round table focused on how security experts and the businesses they serve can form more effective relationships.

“Security teams often talk about people – and especially creative people – as if they are what prevents good security,” says DPP MD and author of the report, Mark Harrison. “But our group of leaders held the opposite view. The people who do the work know the risks: listen to them and help them, and much more effective security will follow.”

The round table event was addressed by M Angela Sasse, Professor of Human-Centred Security, UCL, who has pioneered a new approach to how companies approach their security, by empowering the customer.

“Currently we’re spending far too much energy with different people fighting each other over security,” says Professor Sasse. “We want to get to a working relationship with security people. That requires the customer to say: this is what security means to us, and this is what I want you to help me deliver.”

The DPP’s Securing Creativity summit developed many of these themes, by bringing together security professionals and producers in a way rarely seen before. The summit was part of the DPP’s Committed to Security initiative, which promotes best practice in security in the media industry. More details are available here.

Communicating Security is available for download by DPP Members here.