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Who’s Top of the Traders in DPP Marketplace?

Earlier this year we launched a brand new service called DPP Marketplace – an online media services shop where DPP Member companies can advertise to the wider industry.

We wanted to showcase the range of new products and services now available from our Members and to create a trusted buying and selling location for everyone interested in innovation.

The number of companies featured on DPP Marketplace has almost doubled since it launched, with new companies uploading and updating their information every week in a huge range of categories.

We can see from our online metrics that lots of Member companies are attracting attention through Marketplace. But who tops the table so far?

Congratulations go to digital media management and post production services provider, TVT.

So we quizzed Ian Brotherston, TVT’s CEO about how they’re trying to stay ahead of the pack, where they believe the industry is going and what being a DPP Member means to them.

A recent DPP report – The Need For Speed – concluded that the pace at which producers and distributors now need to create and supply content is driving huge change. What are TVT doing to increase their agility to keep up with the pace of change?

“Operators now require workflows that can move content more quickly through different processes to meet tighter deadlines. We are continually developing enhancements to ContentSelect, our unified end-to-end workflow and asset management platform, which facilitates collaboration between multiple internal, 3rd party and client stakeholders. Our use of cloud hosting and processing also accelerates workflows and enables TVT to streamline work on media assets for linear and VOD localisation and compliance across multiple territories. The use of a single engine by both clients and TVT provides an efficient way to minimise duplication and so cut timescales, enabling faster publication with lower costs.”

So, what do you think our industry’s greatest challenges will be over the next 5 years?

“The growing importance of on-demand for broadcasters, along with the entry of pure over-the-top players, is changing the TV landscape in a fundamental way. The explosion of content devices supporting anywhere, anytime TV and video, and preparation of content for diverse international audiences is growing – and will only get bigger. As a result, the biggest challenge for TVT and our clients is dealing with the growing complexity of managing media.”  

What’s changed about the way you and your clients work over the last few years?  

“The huge explosion in on-demand and multiple delivery formats means our clients need ever greater flexibility. There is also a need for more metadata attached to content, so processes now have to be able to cope with packaging video and all the ancillary assets in multiple delivery schema – simultaneously.  Then there’s also the need to manage pop-up channels or rapid turn-around to video on demand – as just two examples. Looking to the future, the ability to adapt quickly will possibly be the most valuable commodity.”

Have you worked on any exciting projects with DPP Member companies that you can tell us about?

“Our relationship with UKTV highlights how a relationship strengthened by the DPP can help streamline many working practices to deliver innovative new channels to market. One project in particular centred on getting an unusual live sporting event edited, compliance-checked and available via on-demand in half the normal time. It was a really exciting project to work on and highlighted the strength and innovative nature of our partnership with UKTV!“

Finally, what benefit do you think being a DPP Member brings to your organisation?

“There is real credibility attached to belonging to DPP. It is a good organization that provides really valuable industry forums, events and reports that address issues and developments in a timely way. DPP’s formulation of specifications is valuable for the industry as a whole and key for TVT and our clients – a number of whom are Members. DPP’s work on cyber security is also increasingly critical for all of us.”

So, if you haven’t visited DPP Marketplace, head there now to look at all of the products and services on offer, not only from TVT but from a huge range of other Member companies.

And if you’re a DPP Member company that isn’t currently featured please contact Jayne for more information on how to sign up.

In the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out brand new Marketplace categories that include our Post Production and Consultancy Members. And later in the year we’ll extend the service to include Production!

This blog post was written by Jayne.