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Commercials, Promos, Sponsorship and Presentation Events

Just as with programmes, it’s important to have common specifications for delivery of short-form content, such as Commercials, Sponsorship and Promotional material.

UK HD Commercial & Sponsorship

Following the publication of the AS-11 UK DPP file-based delivery specification for programmes, we started to look at other types of content delivery. Historically, in the UK, each broadcaster used their own specifications for the delivery of commercials and sponsorship. We consolidated these into a single SD specification, later replaced by an HD specification.

Download the specification here:

Two forthcoming AMWA specifications have been drafted to build on the existing DPP specification, harmonising the short-form specifications with the rest of the AS-11 X family.  The new specifications support embedded metadata and add a new location within the file header for the carriage of subtitle data.

AS-11 X5 and X6 will be deployed when broadcasters are ready to use short-form UHD, and/or during appropriate technology refresh cycles.

UK HD Promotions & Presentation

A specification for HD Promotions and Presentation Events, developed alongside the commercials specification, is also available.

Download the specification here:

Supporting Material

A set of XSDs are available here.