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Live IP Contribution & Distribution

Recommendation DPP001 – Live IP Profiles for contribution and distribution of live content, complement the delivery requirements for delivery of finished programmes.

This first release of the recommendation, focuses on immediate business requirements covering Audio, SD and HD video with some limited 4K streams. 

A huge array of different media coding options exist, along with many stream transport technologies, making the process of sharing content unnecessarily complex and costly. These recommendations aim to maximise interoperability between parties and simplify their operations by limiting the number of different profiles in use. 

A range of scenarios have been considered covering the live contribution of video over IP networks, and distribution of live content to DTT/DSAT and other delivery platforms.

The DPP working group, including broadcasters, systems vendors and streaming technology providers, has defined a range of use-cases and has developed recommended media coding and streaming profiles, covering transport stream technology across various network types.

The recommendation consists of a document and accompanying sheet that contain the details of Media and Stream Profiles along with the actual recommendation. 

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The recommendations for Media and Stream Profiles are based on current and common real-world applications used by organisations around the world.

As business requirements change and technology evolves new Media and Stream Profiles may be required. The DPP will continue to develop the profiles and future releases of the recommendation will consider 4K UHD, lossless compression, streams for social media platforms, content with varied aspect ratios and digital program insertion into live IP streams.

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