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Committed to Security

Committed to SecurityThe DPP Committed to Security programme promotes best practice in cyber security across the media supply chain. It was launched in 2017, and was built out of two previous pieces of work: a Supplier Security Checklist, generated by DPP members, and the Broadcaster Cybersecurity Requirements created in conjunction with NABA (North American Broadcasters Association).

The programme allows all production and broadcast suppliers – including technology vendors, service providers, facilities and more – to demonstrate their commitment to working towards and adhering to cyber security best practice. The programme consists of a self-assessment questionnaire, which is then reviewed by quality assurance expert and DPP member, Eurofins Digital Testing.

How can I apply?

The DPP Committed to Security Programme is free to DPP members. There is an administration fee for non-members, of £1,500 per licensed mark, per annum.

A checklist and user guide is provided for each of the two marks (broadcast and production). You can download these from the box to the right of this page, along with the terms and conditions. When you’re ready to proceed, just complete the online application form:

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If you’re not a DPP member and would like to become one, contact us to find out more, or take a look at our membership information

We have been impressed with the efficiency and thoroughness of the DPP’s Committed to Security Programme. The review process was robust and professional, and also focused our attention on areas where we could improve our security governance.
– Owen Tyler, Operations Director, Evolutions

How is my application processed?

  1. We’ll confirm receipt within 2 working days of submission, and provide you with information on the next steps.
  2. Then you’ll complete the appropriate checklist and submit the form for review. The review will take 5-10 working days.
  3. We’ll provide feedback to enable you to resolve any issues and resubmit the checklist, if necessary.
  4. Once the checklist has been completed satisfactorily an authorised representative will need to sign it off and submit it for final validation.
  5. We’ll confirm the award of the Committed to Security mark(s).
  6. Once complete, the DPP website will be updated with your company details. Each mark is valid for one year so you’ll need to renew it before the license expiry date. You’ll be issued with reminders as expiry approaches.

Our Partner

The DPP Committed to Security Programme is supported by Eurofins Digital Testing.

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Participation in this Programme is intended to help reduce the likelihood of content loss or theft. However, no amount of best practice or adherence to standards will eliminate all of the risks. The DPP is not responsible for the individual organisation’s implementation of the Committed to Security Programme, and cannot be held accountable should a breach occur.