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Committed to Sustainability 

In the face of growing concern about climate change, many in the media industry are aware of the need for them to play their part in improving the sustainability of our industry. That’s why we have developed the DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme. The programme has been designed to encourage and celebrate good practice. It provides a practical tool to meet the growing requirement for procurement teams to assess the environmental impact of their suppliers.

The DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme provides a self-assessment checklist for media companies of all kinds – from content providers to suppliers and service providers. It can be used to assess performance against a set of key environmental measures, and to demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement. 

The DPP Committed to Sustainability Mark, including a sustainability score, will be awarded to companies that successfully complete the checklist.

How can I take part?

You can join take part in the programme by completing the Committed to Sustainability Checklist. In order to help you, we’ve produced some Guidance Notes that explain the checklist controls in more detail.

If you have any further questions please contact

Who has taken part already?

The following companies have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability, by completing the Committed to Sustainability checklist: