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Companies Awarded the Marks

The table below lists companies that have completed the DPP Committed to Sustainability checklist and have been awarded the mark.

“We all need to measure corporate sustainability and set ambitious targets for ourselves if we want to see real change. Being awarded the Committed to Sustainability Mark enables us to demonstrate that we’re part of a wider industry drive to try and reduce our environmental impact” Kavi Pelpola, Chief Digital Officer, Atos


Company Name


A+E Networks 04/02/2022
Akamai Technologies 13/02/2022
Arqiva 27/01/2022
Atos 14/11/2021
Blackbird 03/01/2022
Cerberus Tech 03/01/2022
Deep Render 11/02/2022
DPP 04/02/2022
Film Locker 14/11/2021
Insync Technology 14/11/2021
Limecraft 26/11/2021
MediaSaas 20/12/2021
Piksel 14/11/2021
Qvest Media 14/11/2021
Red Bee Media 14/11/2021
Rubber Republic 13/02/2022
Singular.Live 19/12/2021
Sundog Media Toolkit 14/11/2021
Tinkerlist 13/02/2022

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The DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme is supported by Atos IT Services.