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Through our ongoing work on IMF for Broadcast & Online, we continue to enable collaboration and engagement between you, the industry stakeholders. Our ongoing work includes:

IMF in Advertising

Online advertising has changed beyond recognition over the past five years with the introduction of personalised and hyper-targeted adverts. And broadcast platforms are now introducing addressable advertising too. We’re working with DPP members to generate a Recommendation that will enable IMF to be implemented across the advertising supply chain.

JPEG2000 Specification

The original IMF standards use a very high quality, often high bitrate codec called JPEG2000. The DPP’s specification for IMF for Broadcast & Online uses the ProRes codec, which is more widely used by broadcasters and online content companies. However, for high end content, there is sometimes still a desire to use JPEG2000. Therefore, in collaboration with the North American Broadcasters Association, the DPP have also created a specification using JPEG2000. It has most of the same constraints and features as TSP 2121-1, but enables use of an alternative codec. It is currently being published through SMPTE, and is expected to be published as TSP 2121-4.

Get Involved

If you’re a DPP member, you can get involved in our IMF work in the following ways:

  • Keep informed about our progress by joining the monthly IMF stakeholder group
  • Play a more active role by joining our IMF project groups – each focused on a specific implementation task.
  • Submit your products for testing and certification through the DPP Test Lab

To find out more or take part, please contact Programme Delivery Manager, Gill Reston.

If you’re not a DPP member, contact us to find out more, or take a look at our membership information.