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IMF Media Management API

IMF offers great efficiencies by storing media as components which can be packaged together to make specific versions, which can then be transformed into various output formats. We therefore we have more individual files to manage, but IMF makes this easier as each file has a universal identifier. Nonetheless, it leaves us with a question: How do you get products and services to exchange assets if all they have is an ID … or two … or a thousand?

That’s where the IMF Media Management API (imf-mm-api) comes in. It’s an open source API (application programming interface) to allow the exchange of IMF assets. The project has been a collaboration across manufacturers, broadcasters and knowledge companies involved in the development and standardisation of IMF.

The requirements for the API are outlined on the API Requirements page.

API Definition

The API is defined using OpenAPI, and is available on SwaggerHub.

Reference Implementation

A reference implementation of the API is available under an open source licence. It is available on GitHub.


In November-December 2019, the DPP is hosting a Virtual Hackathon around the API.

Online Demo

A demonstration is available on MrMXF’s project page here.

Project Partners

A huge thanks must be given to Mr MXF, also known as Bruce Devlin, who put the project together. Other contributing members included CineCert, Dalet, EditShare, EIDR, ReinMain University, Marquise, OwnZones, PBS, Prime Focus Technologies, Signiant, and Turner.

Get Involved

If you’d like to use the IMF MM API, you’re welcome to access the definition and reference implementation directly. If you’d like to provide feedback, or get involved in future development, please contact Gill Reston, who manages the DPP’s IMF work.